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Through cooperation and compassionate action guided by the principle of highest good, we co-create with the Divine through cooperating with each other. One way to look at this is that we are all nodes upon the Divine Network and the more we serve the highest good of the network the better things work. Thus by serving highest good, we are helping all beings including ourselves. Early New Thought teachers used a wide variety of source material from the classics and early translations of the Bhagavad Gita, the Tao, and numerous Buddhist texts. Seekers learned "If you feel that New Thought is the best spiritual path, demonstrate your belief through the power of intelligent argument and reason, not through anger.

What was New Thought all about?

Some New Thought Sharers pointed to the Abrahamic teaching: "Love God with all your heart and soul" as the basis for learning the principles and practices of all the world's religions and spiritual paths. Living by and sharing Universal Spiritual Principles demands that a person transcends the limitations which commonly confine the average soul. The Spiritual Seeker desiring Illuminaton and Awakening does not wear a blindfold or blinkers nor is confined to a single source. Those who begin the path as Buddhists benefit from a study of the texts from the four schools of the Abrahamics.

Likewise those coming from one of the fours schools of Abrahamism: Judaism, Christianism, Islamism or Mormonism, benefit from studying Buddhist texts such as the Dhammapada and the Lotus Sutra. Some of the greatest New Thought teachers such as Yogananda began their journey through Vedic Teachings, then studied both Abrahamic and Buddhist texts.

The living and sharing of Universal Spiritual Principles is a life long process. All knowledge comes through human beings. Whether one ascribes such knowledge to higher thought or divine revelation, a person had to speak it, or write it. Does the path teach its followers to make war on people who are not on that path or hold different beliefs from themselves?

Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. Do not believe in anything because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason, and is conducive to the good and benefit of all, then accept it and live up to it.

Equipped with better communication technology, photography, film and other means of documentation, during World War 2, humanity collectively witnessed the abuses and destruction perpetrated with the goal of domination in the interests of extreme right wing ideologies. They established a firm foundation by recognizing that all human beings are endowed with these Human Rights, including Freedom of Thought.

They did this for the highest good of all humanity, with the goal of ending such abuses for all time by establishing a Fair World For All. New Thought Today recognizes that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights UDHR is the highest spiritual teaching thus far and that any teaching which contravenes or violates this sacred covenant is no longer valid. The emergence of the UDHR was prophesized by many throughout time across our planet.

New Thought

It was also prophesized that the emergence of this truth would prompt some to fight it in order to continue their quest for domination without regard to the destruction of all life on our planet. The answers to these questions will tell you a great deal about this center and its leadership. In New Thought we expect leaders to be aware and conscious. When we visit a person in a coma, it is not surprising that they are unaware of their surroundings or what is happening in the world. When we visit with our leaders, including Spiritual Leader's we expect them to be aware. We hope they are more aware than others including ourselves, because awareness is the first step to consciousness.

Human Rights are a key aspect of New Thought Today. It is important that both our leaders and ourselves are aware of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The recognition of Human Rights begin in one's home. Respect for all members of a household regardless of age, gender or means. Respect is demonstrated through communication, both the manner and means.

Respect is demonstrated through action. A home which is filled with abuse, whether emotional, psychological or physical is a home in need of love and New Thought. When seeking New Thought Fellowship, you can find wonderful folks who are loving and supportive, yet it is up to you to discern if the leadership and its teachings align with highest good which includes your own. All spiritual communities are comprised of people. Those spiritual leaders who are in service to their communities sharing inspiration and taking compassonate action, understand the root teachings of compassion and cocreation.

Be aware that there are also leaders who have acquired credentials with the goal of self promotion. There are also leaders whose primary goal is personal profit and the power that comes with leading a spiritual community. Every spiritual path has true spiritual leaders, as well as leaders who are in it for themselves. It is up to you to ask questions and to look deeper.

New Thought teaches "as we change our thinking, we change our lives," and "change ourselves and the whole world changes with us" as well as "take compassionate action in alignment with highest good" for the benefit of our fellow beings. While such communities might tote membership in various New Thought organizations, keep in mind that membership is generally acquired through financial contributions to the "Parent Organization.

There are a number of popular new "gimmicks" which reveal that a New Thought Center might be less New Thought and more "new age. We are each responsible to do our part, to be life-long learners, to strive to awaken to the Divine and to be the Divine Presence through being a compassionate presense, to be the Divine Voice through sharing wisdom. Wisdom is the combination of knowledge with compassion.

Caring adults do not blame children for being hungry, we feed them. Spiritual beings do not look for the Divine, God or Goddess outside of themselves; knowing that the Divine is within us, we demonstrate Divine Action, God's Love, Goddess' kindness through compassionate deeds informed with wisdom and care. Genuine New Thought teaches that love and compassion is the basis for good living. In the late 20th Century, an odd phenomena could be observed via television. Minister teaching that if viewers give them money, they would "tap into" the "power of prosperity.

They focus upon certain bibilical passages while ignoring core Abrahamic principles. In the same manner, some people began teaching what might be termed "inhumane principles. If a person is murdered, or dragged behind a pick up truck by a chain, it is not appropriate to blame that person for what the perpetrator did. Yet toward the end of the 20th Century, some people claiming to teach New Thought were doing exactly that.

They were blaming the victims of crimes for what the perpetrator did. It is important when seeking a New Thought community to be alert to this type of "spiritual malpractice", or other forms of BS. New Thought does not teach shame and blame. If you hear someone promoting shame and blame through blaming underprivileged children for their lack of financial security on "poverty consciousness," you may have stumbled into a New Thought Center whose leaders are ensconced in what is sometimes called "Late New Thought.

You should consider continuing your search. Some people like to point to certain religious groups and say: "They are evil. Obviously some people would like to forget the UDHR and others are unaware of its existence. Those who are aware of the UDHR but would like to forget it, do so in order to limit human rights on the basis of gender, appearance or beliefs. History is replete with examples of people seeking and at times succeeding in victimizing people who believe differently than they do. The Middle East is filled with the burnt shells of temples and churches burnt by people who were intolerant.

The perpetrators of these crimes generally justify their intolerance through interpretations of religious texts. Murder, rape, torture and other crimes against humanity continue in parts of the planet which lack recognition of the UDHR. The victimization of the Yazidis is only one of the more recent examples of this. The Turks justified those murders by saying that those people were not really good citizens and might support their enemies. The Ottoman Turks dehumanized Christians and others, murdering them in ways that makes the Nazi Holocaust pale in comparison.

Murder, genocide, mass rape of women, men and children still goes on around the world today. It is done through dehumanization. Angry people like the Ottoman Turks, seek to dehumanize other people for other reasons. Canada, and other advanced nations are able and willing to admit the problems of the past and thereby to build in the present the infrastructure which provides for Universal Rights and shared respect now and the future.

The US has made great strides forward through recognizing the problems of the past. Nations such as Turkey cannot even admit the problems which occured over years ago under a different political system! Some people hold the odd belief that politics can be divorced from spirituality. This not the dominant belief around the globe. In most of the world people strive to embody their spirituality in all aspects of their lives. In some nations people are motivated in extreme ways by their beliefs.

Historically there have been countless lunatics who have used religious justification for their destructive actions. Spirituality is meant to be lived fully as a personal pursuit at times in fellowship. When spirituality becomes a group pursuit it often becomes tainted with politics. This does not mean that fellowship is bad; it simply means that we must be aware of the challenges presented by fellowship which can interfere with the process of enlightenment.

At the same time, individuals need fellowship in order to fully actualize. This is one of the reason that religion and governance must remain separate in order to maintain Freedom of Thought. Thought, the root of action and emotion They know that your actions are rooted in your thoughts, which are founded within your beliefs. Your failure to act, or motivation to act flows from your beliefs. For people to live in peace, Freedom of Thought and respect for Freedom of Expression is essential. Those people that fail to recognize the truth that the majority of the world lives in states of deprivation have chosen to blind themselves to the same extent as a person who does not stand up against a lynching is complicit because of a failure to say "no" to the actions of injustice being perpetuated by fellow human beings.

It is recognized that while we can train the mind, we can only open the heart. Emotions follow thought. If we think about something positive, we are uplifted; if we think about something negative, we can become depressed. As we pursue the path and train the mind, we nurture our ability to respond instead of react.

What is New Thought?

This is our first step to becoming proactive. But after centuries go by, some will grant them rights. At first this will seem benign but then they will seek equal footing with humanity and then the people will be brought to the brink of annihilation and must decide if they wish to keep their Human Rights or go over the edge never to return.

What are Bodies without Souls? This is revealed when the word corporation is broken down to its roots. Do not be surprised when some people deny climate science, or corruption among the rich and powerful. Average people do not desire to learn finding it tedious and difficult. This is why so few people feel they can be successful. Success demands learning and imagination.

Most people find it easier to "toe the line" and "follow the crowd. Some people are deprived of clean water. In contrast to the progress made in the 20th Century, today US citizens are routinely been deprived of safe clean water. People around the globe witness events in Flint, Michigan and Puerto Rico. Nations observe. Populations witness. Unscrupulous individuals see such deeds as examples in how to enrich themselves.

When the leaders of the United States US allow its citizens to be sickened by something as simple as clean water, people everywhere are disheartened by this blatant corruption. Advanced nations of the world recognize that to maintain robust economies society must provide universal health care and paid sick leave. This is the spiritual way. The Divine Life is manifested through insuring through shared peace and prosperity.

When a nation elects idiots, the world does not wonder "why does this nation elect idiots? Perhaps soon they will be like the lost nations and believe that 'might makes right' and that 'a lie said enough times becomes true. While there are some who wish to define the Divine, major religions share the principle that this is not possible. Divine Mind flows through all, at all times. We align with Divine Mind through spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation.

When a person gives a name to the Divine, one is simply defining a concept about the Divine and oneself. Some would like to say that action is separate from spirituality, but there is nothing so personal, or unspiritual as being killed because you believe a certain way. Some folks like to think of the Divine as feminine, others like to think of the Divine as masculine. We feel people may call the Divine: God or Goddess, or That That Is, or any number of other names both traditional and novel. This was not always the case and is still not the case in most of the world. There are more nations that restrict people's right to be free from religion or to choose a belief system different from the majority of people, than nations which uphold Freedom of Thought.

In the free nations, people can marry who they wish. In those nations under the yolk of religious tyranny, you must belong to that particular religion which is recognized by the state in order to marry. In some nations, including the United States, child marriage occurs.

In other nations divorce is not allowed, or only allowed if instigated by males. Nations that insure their populations are well educated insure their prosperity and the prosperity of their coming generations. Education is an essential part of building then maintaining a strong economy. The Rennaissance is a good example of what happens when people are freed from the constraints and restrictions imposed upon them through superstitions wrapped in the cloak of religion.

History reveals that Europe's great reflowering of knowledge happened despite the middle eastern Abrahamic beliefs which had colonized them. For years, during what are called the Dark Ages, Europe dwelled in the doldrums of superstition due to the grip of Abrahamic Religion. While China was undergoing a "Golden Age" and introducing paper money, tea drinking, and inventing the compass, printing and chemical breakthroughs such as gunpowder.

Europe languished. China broke ground in economics, navigation, education, mining, science and warfare. Economics were made simpler and easier through paper money, people were able to work longer and more efficiently with tea, navigation was enhanced via the compass, the sharing of knowledge, history and education was made more efficient via the printing press. Mining was made easier with gunpowder. While European "priests" were hanging female herbalists calling them "witches" when they healed their fellow citizens.

China was exploring the science of herbalism and producing cures for numerous health challenges. Facts are not subject to whim. Your rights will belong to you as long as you exercise them. Just as your body and mind will continue to work as long as you exercise them. Know your rights. While it is a fact that the highest wisdom given to humanity is the Universl Declaration of Human Rights and these rights were recognized in , this does not mean that you will still have these rights in the future unless you ensure that you protect them for you and for all others.

For any person or group of people to have rights, they must first recognize them. After we recognize our Universal Rights, then we must declare our Unity with those rights which means these rights are for all peoople. After knowing the truth of our Unity with these Universal Human Rights, we realize that for rights to have value, they must be realized for all people. Each and every day, we give thanks for the truth. We share this truth, releasing it in press releases, releasing it upon the internet through websites and messages knowing it is so and so it is.

While the founders felt that New Thought Leadership would have a special interest and motivation to participate, today's volunteers have recognized that participants come from everywhere and could be anyone who feels a special connection to a particular organization. Even contractors have noted that third party sponsors don't seem to care about updating the info, or to insure that listings they are sponsoring show all the info possible. They just want to redirect button links. Some become sponsors simply to upgrade the listing to show the Prosperity designator but never take the time to manifest an update of information.

Years have come and gone. Decades have gone by since Dr. Spottiswoode, Dr. Avalon, Dr. Sells and the other founders started this work in support of New Thought. Whether you are looking for a New Thought Community, or reading a text in www. The founders were the chief volunteers. For years generations of volunteers were still using the phone. We changed that. Sometimes people want to speak to one of the founders. Spottiswoode died so he is not available. Although there are some New Thought practitioners who claim they can speak with the dead, we do not share this belief.

We pass on messages to the those ministers who are living. They are not Millennials so they don't necessarily check email regularly. The only type of email accepted by those founders who use email is email with PGP encryption. Other than diplomats and journalists, most people don't know how to use PGP.

If you wish to speak with Dr. A or Dr. Sells, simply put in a request. Don't expect a quick answer, but one will eventually come. You will need to load Signal or another secure communications app on your phone, but it is possible to do prayer work with Dr. All FREE! Although we no longer provide training, we CAN provide contractors to give you training or to do web updates. We recommend that you put in some effort and do your own updates. It is not that hard. Sponsored by caring contributors from around the world, powered by fun loving volunteers.

We listen to your feedback to present these wonderful texts in a clear and easy to use format for studying, teaching and enjoyment. The Purpose of New Thought Library is to provide a comprehensive online library and a corresponding portable database which explores the History of Thought, evolution of thought and form, with an emphasis on those public domain texts which reveal how the spectrum of New Thought Today helps adherents enjoy the full protection of Humanity's highest collective spiritual expression: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights UDHR.

The UDHR was manifested by humanity in , after two world wars demonstrated clearly that a third world war could destroy all life on earth. All intelligent and caring souls share the understanding that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is essential to our survival and wherever these rights are not illegally contravened, there is increased peace and prosperity. One of these essential freedoms is Article Freedom of Thought.

While to those living within civil societies may feel that Freedom of Thought is a natural part of living, in some cultures this is simply not the case. There are many societies in which people are not free to explore the vast beautiful heritage of human culture and are certainly not allowed to believe anything but the state sanctioned religion. One of the core concepts of New Thought is "as we change our thinking, we change our lives.

One of the core concepts of New Thought is that "positive thinking brings better results than pessimism. New Thought teaches us to look on the Bright Side of Life, while being careful not to be brightsided. The freedoms defined within the UDHR are part of the foundation of Civil Society ensuring that people everywhere have the freedom to believe what they feel most inspired by, then express those beliefs solo or in communion with others. In New Thought, we teach that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are the highest collective Spiritual teaching that Humanity has thus far produced.

Although the UDHR is now recognized as International Law, some nations do not fully enfranchise their people with these rights. New Thought teaches us that we must be individually strong and work collectively and compassionately to insure that all people of the world are guaranteed these rights and that they are respected. The only way to create a better world is through love and light. This is why it is so important to embrace the original truth of New Thought.

It can be challenging for some people living in partnership countries with higher increments of freedom and consequent prosperity to understand what it is like to live within dominator countries where such freedoms are not part of the social contract. It is also quite difficult for dominators to become partners. Recent world events clearly show how the old paradigms no longer have value. Informed citizens have heard some politicians propound the belief that positive outcomes can be effected through "regime change.

Everywhere these policies have been implemented we see burgeoning chaos. While CoCreators elevate people through conscious conduct and partnership, Dominators seek to impose order. In contrast to the constitutions the allies imposed upon Germany and Japan after the second world war, allied blood and treasure expended in Afghanistan and Iraq did not translate into similar constitutions promoting progressive positive change.

Instead, the liberated conquered nations were allowed to create constitutions which recognized a particular religion and thereby abrogated the ability of those cultures to thrive. Experience shows clearly that secular constitutions are an essential ingredient in securing stability for nations that have experienced domination by extremists.

The failure of allied political leadership within this area is glaringly obvious for most people, but this does not mean that all people are able to understand why this failure occurred. This is most likely due to a global consolidation of media into a scant six 6 megacorporations. Most citizens around the globe are unable to obtain accurate information about events: local or global. New Thought is a metaphysical movement which got its name in the 19th Century.

New Thought arose within the context of an intellectual fervor due to freedoms articulated in the U. Bill of Rights within the U. People began to debate beliefs traditional to their culture, explore beliefs from other cultures and ultimately to formulate new systems of beliefs usually in conjunction with the scientific insights available to them at that time in history. New Thought Spirituality is distinguished from Old Thought Religions through its embrace of science and the certain core concepts such as CoCreation partnership and evolution in thought and form Spiritual Evolution.

CoCreation is at the heart of all true New Thought teachings. CoCreation is the teaching that we are in partnership with the Divine. It is not a new teaching. It is in fact one of the oldest teachings within humanity's collective cultural heritage. CoCreation teaches us that the secret at the heart of lasting peace, prosperity and joyful living is partnership. The values of Partnership Culture are expressed in positive terms with the best expression of these being the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Those cultures and countries which most fully embody the expression of these rights have the highest indices of health and happiness.

One of the best examples of this truth is Sweden. While Sweden has some natural resources, it's greatest resource is its people.

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Thus Sweden has an excellent educational system which is more advanced than most of the rest of the world. From the age of six, every Swede has equal access to free education. Beginning at age seven, a minimum of nine years education is mandated for all citizens.

Yet educational opportunity comes even earlier with the provision of pre-school. Yet Swedes are not content to 'rest upon their laurels', today efforts are being made to improve Sweden's basic education system through studying methods in Korea, Finland and Holland. The partnership paradigm emphasizes shared prosperity for improved performance of all participants. Economic revelations in by Thomas Picketty in his book Capital in the 21st Century have clearly demonstrated that shared peace and prosperity are predicated on ensuring Universal Free Education for all Citizens.

Often the challenge to implementation of such programmes is rooted within decadent dominator patterns. Sometimes Dominators reject universal free education because it will empower groups of people they wish to suppress such as females. At other times Dominators reject universal free education because of 'hazing psychology' in which individuals who have undergone abuse feel that others must also undergo the same abuse. The former group might have religious reasons for withholding educational opportunity, while the latter group rationalizes that certain levels of abuse are helpful in the development of fear-based mentality.

Dominators have a different view of the value of human life which contrast with CoCreators. While CoCreators find inherent value within each person, Dominators devalue lives based upon subjective values. Religious Dominators promulgate fear using false teachings about others who do not share their degrading values often targeting females as being of lesser value.

Economic Dominators use equally specious rationales to debase the lives of those who they deem inferior for one reason or another. CoCreators share the partnership value of Universal Access to free medical care knowing that this is part of the equation necessary for us to potentiate our innate capacities for creativity, compassionate action and conscious living.

While Dominators seek ways to exclude people from gaining access to health care, CoCreators seek ways to ensure that all people are healthy and happy. We are all familiar with Dominator values. Dominator's love hierarchy believiing that people are like lower pimates and that someone must be at the top and someone at the bottom. In contrast to Dominator values, are Partnership values which teach that through CoCreation and Coopration, all people can be happy and healthy. Spiritual Awakening is when a person becomes aware that it is possible to live consciously.

This begins with Awareness. When we become aware that while we cannot control everything in our lives, we can have healthy responses to events and situations. When a person begins to respond, instead of react, he has taken the first step in the process of awakening. The next step is to understand that every moment is an opportunity to change and that some changes can be challenges.

When we realize that we are in an ongoing process of transformation and can choose to live proactively instead of reactively, then we can make self directed changes that are powerful, profound and positive. Old Thought is often characterized by paradigms of competition while New Thought focuses on CoCreation. When we look at Old Thought religions, the challenge is interpretation. While old religions can contain much wonderful ancient wisdom, they have also been the vehicle for destructive behavior. Part of the Core Concept of Spiritual Evolution is that it is important to toss out decadent ideas that cause destructive behavior.

Individuals embody this truth by replacing negative belief patterns with novel positive beliefs, dynamic cultures and civil societies find new ways to approach challenges. Throughout the world today, there are thousands of belief systems. Most of these belief systems are potent yet passive. Some belief systems are not passive in their expression nor in their promotion. Usually the weaker a belief system, then the more likely that its adherents will use violence to promote it. We don't normally see healthy, intelligent people being abusive. This is because healthy intelligent people are usually able to learn how to communicate in better ways such that they achieve what they desire.

But in contrast to such people, we often see people of lesser intellect resort to violence to achieve their ends. Two New Thought is different from old Vedic Thought because instead of teaching a passive approach to life and spirituality as solely a process of navel gazing introspection and inward development which ignores the problems and challenges of the world, New Thought is a powerful progressive spiritual path which promotes positive change for all beings. In the words of Terry McBride, "Unlike the ancient monks, or gurus who were walling themselves off from the world, or sitting like the fool on a hill watching the world go round while teaching passive acceptance, the New Thought Master comes down from the hill cocreates with God in partnership creating a better world right now for all people, for all time.

While some maintain that New Thought originated with Phineas Quimby. During this time, the late 's medical science had not regained the insights known in earlier times in various parts of the world. This previous knowledge had been destroyed on multiple occasions primarily due to war, but at times due to natural disasters. This is why the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is now international law and is acknowledged by the world as essential for humanity to survive and also to thrive.

It was not until August , that Joseph Lister applied a piece of lint dipped in carbolic acid solution onto the wound of a seven-year-old boy at Glasgow Infirmary and discovered that he could thereby prevent infection. While germ theory had been proposed by Girolamo Fracastoro in , it took over years for medical science to "change its thinking and thereby change life. As their work demonstrated the truth of germ theory, the field of bacteriology blossomed leading to identification of the actual organisms that cause many diseases. Viruses were discovered in the s. For a period of time, primarily in the latter half of the 20th Century, Humanity had its most potent tool to combat bacterial infections.

These were called antibiotics. This technology was rendered impotent through a failure on the part of Humanity to understand that some tools cannot, and should not be used as pathway to profit. In the case of antibiotics, enterprising profit seekers discovered that through giving animals antibiotics one could cause them to gain weight more rapidly which could lead to higher profits since animals grown for meat are sold by weight.

The application of antibiotics in animal husbandry led to the diminishment of their efficacy in the New Millennium. Quimby was part of this movement which had adherents around the world, producing hundreds of books, supported by magazines and journals in multiple languages. This was the reason that Mary Baker Eddy attacked it. Eddy was afraid that the movement from which she gleaned the basics might distract from her creation. Eddy was concerned that Christian Science Eddyism was seen as a valid Abrahamic expression that was both unique and superior to what she termed "malicious" Animal Magnetism.

Eddy sought to demonstrate the principles she had learned from Quimby while explaining and justifying these principles primarily with Abrahamic Thought. While in the nascent days of Christian Science, Eddy drew upon the Bhagavad Gita and other sacred texts from diverse cultures, she removed those references from later editions of her work Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures. New Thought is not Christian Science. New Thought is Wisdom. Wisdom is the combination of knowledge with compassion. Another name of for New Thought is Truth Teachings. If you are a New Thought Leader don't teach nonsense teachings, whether they are old or new, they are not truth.

Global Climate chaos is real. If you don't know that, perhaps it is time to embrace a different spiritual path. New Thought was created by suffragettes and abolitionists. If you don't support women's reproductive rights and Human Rights, perhaps it is time to find a different path. New Thought is about truth and human rights. If you cannot deal with the truth, or you cannot stand up for human rights, New Thought is not the path for you. Recently there have been a lot of incursions into New Thought by those who would push Eddyism to replace truth teachings.

If you have a problem with that fact, get busy reading the history of New Thought. At times Wikipedia is edited by people with agendas or people who don't know the truth. Get busy and get educated. After all this is New Thought, not New Ignorance. People have heard the story about the soldier who lost his home due to foreclosure while fighting terrorism, or the woman who was assaulted. When these folks went to a spiritual leader of lower consciousness, they were asked: "What did you do to bring that into your consciousness? This type of nonsense teaching is egregious stupidity.

Blaming the victim is not a New Thought practice. It simply FU-ism. If you think that a man murdered by dragging him behind a pickup truck in Texas was murdered because that man brought such an experience into his consciousness, you are not a New Thought adherent, you are a FU-ist. I hope the reader is not a FU-ist, because FU-ism brings dire consequences. After all one of the most potent spiritual teachings is: "As you believe, so shall be done unto you. FU-ism does not appeal to many people, certainly not to Millennials. If they persist, ask them to leave.

FU-ists teach things such as the "Ticket System of rebirth" which proposes that people are reborn into pain and misery because they chose that life for "growth" or to "release karma. FU-istic teachings are nonsense teachings which do not contribute to creating a more compassionate world. It is FU-istic and FU-ism is a destructive path to misery. Find a real New Thought community. You will know that you have found one by the compassionate and caring behavior of the leaders and members.

New Thought adherents are discerning and generally well informed. While Average Joe, and Average Jane may not be aware of spiritual teachings, or religions other than their own. New Thought Leaders are required to be educated about the world's faiths and spiritual paths and New Thought adherents are generally more informed than the average citizen. New Thought adherents are more likely to question practices which are abusive, and teachings which do not makes sense or tend to create discord.

It does not matter if such teachings come from the United States, China, the Middle East, or anywhere else. Any teaching which conflicts with the UDHR is invalid and must be discarded. There are no exceptions to the truth. Some people would like to say that something is "truthful" or has "truthiness," but being truthful simply means the appearance of truth, wheres truthiness means "the quality of seeming or being felt to be true, even if not necessarily true. Falsehood and truth are like oil and water, they do not mix without great effort and generally do not stay fixed in their combination.

Some religions teach Taqiyya, declaring that "lying is good if circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of their religion. Human rights are only safe if they are exercised and protected. Protection demands awareness. Trust but verify. Never allow any excuses for the violation of human rights. Never allow for any group to exploit religion or race to victimize others. New Thought does not blame the victim or exalt the abuser. Do not blame the victim or allow for others to do so. Be a leader, not a member of the mob. Love is the opposite of fear.

Be aware that some people practice Taqiyya, but do not let this interfere with having a good relationship with them. Just beware that such people are inherently unreliable and by definition dishonest. Be love and be the change you wish to see in the world. People who have grown up without any need to learn how to earn money because they have always been comfortably numb due to parental financing or a trust fund are not capable of teaching Prosperity to those who were not born with the same advantages. People who have never had to work except as a hobby are not really qualified to teach actual Prosperity Principles to people who earn a living.

Proper Prosperity teachers are those people who have demonstrated entrepreneurial vigor, rising from poverty to prosperity. Actual prosperity is when the entire society is prosperous, all the children are fed, have good medical and dental care and the elderly live joyfully in their final years.

Those people who teach selfishness, greed and a disregard for others do not make good spiritual teachers or teachers of Prosperity Principles. If you find yourself at a center led by a FU-ist, it will often be filled with people lacking in compassion. Don't expect such people to care about you when you have a challenge, or when you are in pain. They can't care until they wake from their FU-istic delusions. Leave such communities because such people are dead to the world. New Thought Communities teach compassion, caring, sharing and daring. If you can't find one, create one.

FU-ism is a teaching of destruction and misery. New Thought is a creative teaching that brings inner peace, and shared prosperity. Choose teachers who can teach actual Prosperity Principles and are working to create a more compassionate world. Some ministers spend all their time memorizing the words of dead 'masters' while failing to develop any consistent philosophy which aligns with the Message of New Thought.

Being a parrot is not going to lead to progressive success. Dead writers will not be creating any more New Thoughts. They are dead.

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Their books are useful in so far as they stimulate development of personal New Thought understanding, but don't fall into the trap of thinking that New Thought mastery can be achieved through thumping old books. Learn, grow and above all "practice what you preach. We don't need your repetition of your master's words. We are looking for self mastery and teachings that are not regurgitations. There is another word for regurgitation: Vomit. No one likes vomit.

It is a sign of illness. If you choose to be a parrot, then all you have to offer is a beak and a bill. We don't want to listen to your squawks, chirps or tweets and then get an invoice for our time wasted listening to your uncreative attempts at entertainment.

Full text of "A history of the new thought movement"

If you are a parrot, be a dutiful servant of your dead master, tweet affirmations of your master's works, and don't waste our time inviting us to your talks. At least your master was original! Today there are numerous New Age teachers who teach a surfeit of nonsense which they seek to prove through pseudo-science. This is unnecessary and abusive.

We are New Thought, not New Age. There is a big difference! New Thought embraces science and medicine. We learn herbal medicine and naturopathy. We do not fight with allopaths; we are not the easy dupes who do not immunize our children. We are not followers of Eddyism.

We believe in Spiritual Evolution which includes Darwin's evolution. If you are teaching creationism, don't call it New Thought. Creationism is neither new, nor true. With so much paradigm shifting science, there is no reason for nonsensical explanations that twist basic physics into knots in attempts to explain miracles. Millennials want truth which supports creating a better life for ourselves and others. We are not interested in hearing a bunch of nonsense grounded in your superficial understanding of physics, or your inability to understand genetics or epigenetics.

We expect New Age teachers to use complicated corruptions of Quantum Physics and odd interpretation of epigenetics in their efforts to Flim Flam their way to fortune. We like to laugh about them and their teachings and count ourselves blessed that we are not living in decadent nations where nonsense teachings must be adhered to, or people risk losing their lives if they don't adhere to the mullahs' concepts.

New Thought is a path that is true to science. It is a path of truth, not half truths, nor nonsense. New Thought is a path that embraces the evolution of thought, evolution of form and when life is challenging, we take action to overcome those challenges. We understand the cognitive psychology which is the foundation of Spiritual Mind Treatment and we experience the power of meditation. We are growing and learning throughout our lives. We are committed to sharing our insights and thereby empowering those who come to our path.

We affirm our commitment as spiritual leaders who embrace the concept of Spiritual Evolution. Spiritual Leaders are tasked with recognition that Climate Chaos is leading to mass migration and in order to preserve civil society which provides the key for humans to survive and thrive, we must encourage the creation of solutions that enable displaced populations to move to countries consummate with the levels of consciousness their cultures have inculcated. While Pacific Islanders can easily integrate into countries such as New Zealand which have societies supportive of their cultures, it would be inappropriate to move them to countries rooted in cultures which have not recognized the highest spiritual truth embodied within the UDHR.

As robotic technology increasingly replaces human labor, advanced societies which have embraced the UDHR have less opportunities for those without the education necessary to employment. This is particularly apparent with regard to individuals migrating from societies rooted in patriarchal patterns having pedagogical systems that encourage disrespect and even violence toward women, people who identify as LGBT, or hold religious or spiritual views that differ from those views enforced through laws and codes within decadent societies. We have ongoing group sessions supporting people who have been in abusive relationships, as well as group sessions in Anger Management.

One participant in the Anger Management sessions was an old military guy who had learned abusive patterns to the extent that he had tattoos all over himself which were mementos of violent acts committed against others. He had learned to wear long sleeve shirts to cover his tats. He graduated from the program, then one day returned. He had a new tattoo of a woman hanging from her breasts. We all knew what this meant. ISBN X. University of Chicago Press. Kregel Publications.

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